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Heater Options and Accessories

We can include a variety of additional heater options and accessories to improve the efficiency and performance of your heater.

Silicone rubber heater vulcanized to aluminum part
Silicone rubber encapsulated heater with Velcro® jacket

Installation and Fasteners

A variety of methods can be used to facilitate the installation of heaters to their desired locations

  • Direct Vulcanization to Part

    • Silicone rubber heaters can be vulcanized and bonded directly on to customer parts. This method permanently attaches the heater and provides the best surface area contact for the most efficient heat transfer. 

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)

    • Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) can be applied to most heaters for easily placement and installation of the heater to its desired location by the customer. Acrylic and silicone based adhesives can be used, depending on the target surface and operating temperature.

  • Removable Installations

  • For situations where the heater must be easily removed, a variety of fasteners can be used to temporarily install heaters to their desired location. Velcro® straps, metal “D” rings, snap buttons, or buckles, are commonly used to quickly install heaters, but also allow for easy heater removal for equipment servicing or replacement.

Temperature Control Elements

All heaters can be equipped with various temperature control elements to help monitor and control the output of the heater. We can equip heater with items such as:

  • ​Thermostats

  • Thermocouples

  • Thermistors

  • Thermal fuses

Dual thermostats embedded in foam insulation for silicone rubber heater
Silicone rubber heater with aluminum heat spreader
Silicone rubber encapsulated heater with Velcro® jacket

Additional Insulation, Heat Spreaders, and Jackets

Additional layers of insulation can be permanently affixed to any heater to increase efficiency and minimize heat loss. 

Aluminum backings can be added to improve conductivity of the heater and more uniformly spread out its heat. 

Removable heater jackets can sometimes be made for uniquely shaped heaters. While providing added insulation, these jackets are removable to allow for easier servicing of the heater or the equipment being heated.


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